Visa Appointment System

Welcome to the Visa Appointment System!


Before you start please read carefully:


1.       Please check eligibilities to determine your type of visa and necessary documents for submitting a visa application. All required documentation must be presented on the day of your appointment.


2.       In order to create a user account and schedule an appointment, have in hand your protocol number assigned to you after completion of the online application form.
Please Note: Having filled out a visa application form does not mean you have an account on the appointment website. Please create an account in order to schedule an appointment. Step-by-Step instructions on how to create an account are listed on the Consulate General of Brazil's website.


3.       The same appointment slot may be used to submit up to two visa applications. Groups or families may not use more than 3 appointment slots per day


4.       The Consulate does not contact applicants in order to schedule appointments. Please DO NOT contact the Consulate requesting an appointment to be scheduled on your behalf.

5.       We accept visa applications from the general public by appointment only. Appointments are to be scheduled online by the applicant according to convenience and availability. No special treatment or exceptions will be made.
Prior to purchasing a ticket for or accepting an assignment abroad, applicants should verify if a visa is necessary and the procedure in order to obtain one.
If you are not able to secure an appointment prior to your intended departure date, it is suggested that the applicant periodically check our website for possible cancelations. The Consulate will not notify you on changes to our schedule. The appointment system is automated. If case you are unable to schedule an appointment prior to your departure date, please re-schedule your trip.